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A healthier home starts with natural water!


Improve Your Digestive System

Water passing through the NeuG7 has greater emulsification and greater enzyme activity which aid your intestinal and digestive health.


Get Protected Against Bacteria

NeuG7 generated water encourages greater enzyme activity, helping prevent bacteria growth. Your drinking and cooking water receives extra protection against bacterias.


Prevent Hair Fall

Your hair needs softer water to keep it from falling and help it be the best it can be! The pure water produced by NeuG7 helps to soften your hair and prevent it from falling while you shower. You can observe healthier hair in weeks after using NeuG7.

Increase the Anti-Aging Effect

NeuG7 slows down aging by decreasing oxidation and increasing the levels of dissolved hydrogen in your body over time. NeuG7 also removes radical oxide from your body to give you a younger and fresher look.

Make Food Last Longer

A healthy life starts with eating fresh food, but keeping fruits and vegetables fresh can be a challenge! NeuG7 decreases the growth of microbes in water and allows food cooked and washed in it to last longer and taste fresher.

Keep food fresher

Make Your Home Smell Fresher

Water from NeuG7 helps to minimize unwanted odors such those from pets, the toilet area or the kitchen.

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